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What sets us apart from others.

About the Owner

Servant Home Care represents a combination of my superpower, gift, and calling in serving others personal care needs and a very special woman, my granny. Although, it took a series of steps to discover these things, I can sum it up with two main events in my life:

woman smiling (1) When I was 10 years old, I was faced with a tragedy that caused me to be a caregiver to my siblings. I saw my siblings as my responsibility. When I was old enough to help care for them, that is what I did. This thought process gave me a mindset of caring for others and as I grew older it became my gift. I challenged myself in caregiving by bringing out the smallest details in a grand way to show each person I care. In response, I usually get a smile, hug, and/or thank you. This empowers me to care for more people. It is a gift because it doesn’t take effort but when I put effort in it, it is all the more special.

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elderly (2) My granny is the epitome of strong, strength to me and the matriarch of my family. Her behaviors and mannerisms spoke volumes to me. I watched as she cooked, cleaned, nurtured, mothered, held the family together all the while she suffered in silence. She never once heard her complain or interject herself. She never burdened my family with her dreams or desires. Instead, she made sure our needs were met. She is one of the first individuals I think of when it comes to serving unconditionally despite your feelings. She left this huge impression on me. One of my goals was to take care of her when she could no longer do it herself. She ended up dying, leaving me with a goal that was unachievable. After much thought and mediation, Servant Home Care was born. Now I care for her through each client that I help.  I only hope is that she would be proud of me.

Servant Home Care is not only my way of expressing my gift, superpower, and calling. It is also my way of achieving my goal of taking care of my granny by caring for others as I would have done for her. I serve by helping others remain home and happy for the rest of their latter years. Servant Home Care is just like it sounds. We provide reliable home care in Indianapolis, IN. Each caregiver we deploy is trained by an advanced-level educated nurse with this philosophy in mind. We have specialty programs that provide specialized care to each client based on their individual needs.

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the best, customized services available that will preserve and enhance our clients’ quality of life, one person at a time.

Vision Statement

We aim to be the leading home care agency that provides clients with customized home care services designed to improve their well-being and quality of life at the comfort of their own home.

Who We Are

Our team is driven with one ultimate goal and that is to serve the people in our community by providing them with non-medical home care services that allow them to minimize or avoid hospital, rehab, or nursing home stay. We give our clients the opportunity to remain at home and reach their optimum level of health and wellness.

Servant Home Care strives to provide each client with second-to-none in-home care services. To make that happen, we collaborate with patients, their families, and other people involved in the care process in order to create a care plan that will suit their needs. As a result, we are able to provide comprehensive, individualized, and personalized care services that are just accurate to the type and level of home care services our clients will need.

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