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New Direct Service Workforce Plan


This plan is designed to meet the ongoing need of professional, competent home health aides to personal care and assistance with the daily needs of our senior, elder, disabled population within our community. Most, if not all, of our clients required this assistance in order to remain living in their current homes safely and healthy.  To supply our community with these needed services, we have to invest in our direct service personnel.  Our plan is to provide our direct service employees with more pay, education, training, coaching, inspiration, and mentoring. We will execute this plan by increasing the cost of pay per hour, education, training, employee engagement, mentoring and coaching, and other incentives.  This plan includes a total picture of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats along with an action plan to resolve the issue.





1.   Administrator is a nurse practitioner.

2.   SHC has a HHA and CNA program.

3.   Quality and level of care of clients will increase.

4.   Increased pay- Direct Service Workers to HHAs.


1.   Direct Service Workers will gain an increased level and knowledge of education and skillset

2.   Direct Service Workers will be educated as HHAs.

3.   Quality and level of care of clients will increase.



1.   Direct Service Workers’ skills and education levels.

2.   The quality and level of care for our clients has decreased.

3.   High caregiver turnover.

4.   Not enough Direct Service Workers are educated as HHAs.


1.   Not enough HHAs employed.

2.   The level and education of direct service worker are not adequate.

3.   High Direct Service Worker turnover.


Top Issues:

  1. Direct Service Workers need more skills and education to produce high quality care and keep our clients out of the hospital.
  2. Direct Service Workers need more pay to meet the demands of today’s cost of living.

Action Plan:

     Our direct service workers/employees will be educated and trained to provide a home health aide level of care, which will cause an increase in the quality of care they deliver to our clients and increase in the amount of hourly wage they receive, which will keep our clients happier, healthier, and out of the hospital. We will provide additional individualized training for our direct service workers who need to be specifically trained to work with our clients who needs are individualized.  We have implemented an HHA education program for our direct service workers. Please see our HHA apprenticeship program tab for more information regarding our HHA program.  We mentor and coach our direct service workers through client care.  We engagement with our direct service workers by offering support, interactions, and gatherings to increase team building.